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Mastering YOUR Behaviour means …


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why you need it ?

This coaching program will harness your foundation to control your thoughts and emotions, learn better, manage relations and help you rewire your brain and reprogram your behavioral patterns.

This means it will help you to create fast, profound, lasting behavioral transformation in the most important areas of your life if you practise the content you will learn, In Shaa Allah.

BehAvioral skill that will be enhanced?

  • Team Building
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Handling Pressures
  • People Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Learnability
  • Many More

What will you will become ?

  • A stronger person having deeper knowledge, skills and attitude to reprogram your behaviors and help others in their behavioral transformation.

    Become the best version of yourself  Emotionally, Socially, Professionally and Spiritually.





  • The Core Knowledge, Techniques and Proven Practices to transform behaviours.
  • The Neuro-Science of behaviours and how it helps to cope up the challenges you face in our life.
  • Discover 06 elements that deeply affects your behaviours.
  • Explore the deeper connection between thinking and emotions and how it pursue you to do what you do.
  • 03 functions of your brain do to filter any information and how it shapes your reality.
  • Discover your emotional triggers and how it affects your internal states, moods and relations.


    • Understand the rules behind conscious and unconscious mind
    • Activate & align your internal resources
    • How to reprogram your brain to quickly change unwanted feelings and criticism. 
    • Develop keen observation skills
    • Unfold the 03 basic types of fears and how to uninstall them.
    • 04 steps process to remove negative thinking from your mind
    • How to be persuasive in your communication.
    • Become capable to Master your Emotions 

    why you need to learn ?

    • Get crystal clear what you truly want in your life and how to achieve it.
    • Get rid of the unwanted behaviours and habits and adopt those you want. 
    • Be capable of handling pressures and become more confident and resilient. 
    • Manage people and yourself more confidently. 
    • Think better and control your emotions in a better way.  
    • Overcome your fears and anxieties


    You will be learn through our specialized PKPC (Plan-Know-Practise-Check) cycle.

    PLAN – You will be asked in your first session to write your behavior that you want to acquire (Like improved focus) or you want to get rid of. (Like Excessive Anger / mood swing etc).

    KNOW – You will be equipped with knowledge and skills through interaction, simulation, situational studies, role plays, brain storming, buzz groups and other interesting interventions during your interactive sessions with coach.

    PRACTICE – You will practice this knowledge and skills that you acquired during sessions in the context your behavior.

    CHECK – You can ask your coach through whats app if need more clarification of the content in your personal context.


    Meet Your Coach – Muddassir Ahmed

    Muddassir is a Neuro-Educator, Speaker, Mentor, and Coach, spent over 15 years in education and training, being coached with some of the finest international coaches in personal development especially with Kamran Sultan, Owen Fitzpatrick, and Jim Kwick and many others.

    He is a mechanical engineer from NED University, did executive education from the University of Massachusetts in Educational Leadership, NLP Practitioner, and Master Practitioner Certification and Licensing from the society of NLP USA holds different certifications and licensing in human development technologies. He is the country coordinator of, a member of PEC, IBNLP (UK), and HEC.


    Muddassir has been invited as a speaker in international conferences in Turkey and Spain, interviewed in different media channels including ARY and SAMAA.

    Muddassir has encapsulated his knowledge and experiences of human consciousness, spirituality, human development , and transformational education in his coaching program “MASTERING BEHAVIOURS” and helping the head of institutions, engineers, HR personnel, faculty members, and students to reach their full potential by helping them to reprogram their behavioral patterns.

    His book, “Mind Your Behaviors” is going to be published soon

    Muddassir is an artist, a scholar, an educator, and a philosopher.

    He has blended psychology, neuroscience, his religious experience, and pedagogy all together.

    Kermit Dunkelberg

    AVP for Adult Education and Workforce Development, HCC - Massachusetts

    Muddassir is somewhat of a celebrity around here now with an article published in our local newspaper about him.

    We are excited to listen the views about our system from International innovators such as Muddassir Ahmed.

    Jack Mino

    Professor Of Psychology, Holyoke Community College, US

    Mr. Muddassir knows very well the art to deliver hard concepts softly using his experience, knowledge and strong body language.

    I really enjoyed and learnt a lot during the 02 weeks training delivered by Mr. Muddassir.

    Ali Rajab

    Professor, IBA Sukkur

    I get inspired with only a couple of  trainers in my life.

    Mr. Muddassir is one of them.

    He knows very well how to engage the focus, emotions and attention of his audience.

    Javed Iqbal

    Mechanical Engineer, Hunar Foundation

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    Frequently Asked

    Clear Your Ambiguities Now ...
    What Is Neuro-Education ?

    Neuro-Education means the study of your brain and mind in relation to action, cognition, and behaviors.

    The brain being the hardware and Mind being the software that operates brain, Neuro-Education has enabled us to study the function of brain and mind so that we become aware of our thinking patterns and the elements that shape our behaviours.

    Ultimately, it all boils down to develop yourself personally, transforming your life better and easier.

    How Neuro-Education is related to improve my behaviour?

    Every behavior is the output of what is happening inside your brain through your mind.

    Having studied Neuro-Education tools and techniques, enable you to understand your Behavior patterns in a better way.

    Your behaviour is the connection between neurons that are fired together and wired together to form a behaviour. 

    The more you are aware of your neural connections, the more it will aware you how to improve your behavior.

    How I Can Improve My Behaviour ?

    First Thing You Need To Improve Your Behaviour Is Your Passion And Consistency.

    Consistency To Improve Continuously To Make Your Life Better And Better.

    You Can Dive Deep Into The Technologies Available That Help You Understand Your Learning Behaviour.

    Or You Can Join Our Program To Have Deep Insights And Take Off Your  Journey Faster And Easier.

    Are You Offering Training Or Coaching Program ?

    While Both Training And Coaching Program Are Used Interchangeably, But We Would Say Our Programs Are Coaching Based.

    Reason Behind Is, We Have Bisected Our Programs Into Intervals So That People Can Practise What They Have been Taught Between The Intervals.


    Do You Give Support After The Program Over ?

    Yes, We Believe The Real Guidance Needed When A Person Put The Content Into Action In Daily Practical Life.

    That’s Why We Support Through Different Mediums Even After The Program Over.


    Why Learn With Us?


    Connected The Power Of Neuro-Education With Behavioral Intelligence


    Developed the ROM Formula To Help You Understand Your Any behaviour Easily


    Taught By Experienced, Certified And Licensed Coach


    After Training Support


    Based On Proven Technolgies And Researches


    Tailored According To Audience And Requirements


    Programs Are Available Online, OnSite and Offsite

    What are you waiting for?