Every human on this earth born with two fears.

Fear of falling and fear of loud voices. The rest of all the fears are the derivatives and deeply rooted inside these fundamental fears.

While the voices of Corona are getting louder and people are seeing their economies, health and plans falling; this is the time to refrain the corona fear to be turned into phobia and anxiety.

Here are the 03 steps for you.

1) STEP 1

Research shows that the brain gets easily trapped in negative thinking while it is wandering. It is commonly said in the world of psychology that

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind

The information coming through different mediums is not for listening and forwarding only; it’s for practice. Remember; the more you see, listen and forward the information  ONLY; the more you trigger your mind to be trapped into negativities, the closer you get the corona anxiety.

It’s not the matter of how much you are having the information; it’s in fact how you are practicing the authentic one.

Make the schedule of preventions and supplication (Duas, Azkar etc. ) and just focus on practicing that schedule.

(see WHO preventions here)

2) STEP 2

Having strong immune system means having strong internal soldiers to fight with external invaders. The power of belief is the most powerful panacea to strengthen your immune system, research says.

Herbert Benson described this concept in his book Timeless Healing : The Power and Biology of Belief.

Fortunately, we have a very persuasive belief included in our basic faith of fate (TAQDIR) that ALL GOOD AND BAD IS FROM ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Trust, whatever is going to reach you, could never be without the permission of Allah.

Pandemics are not self-directed; they are directed by the supreme power of Allah Almighty.

This belief once believed have deep impacts on the neurology to cope up with anxiety.

3) STEP 3

The thinking pattern of anxiety is; the fear of losing the blessings in the future that you are enjoying now.

Sometimes, we just put our happiness pending for the future and forget to enjoy the present moment. This is where the concept of ” Mindfulness” starts.

Out of 100’s of a different definition of Mindfulness, one that is very close to my heart is, pay attention to the present moment.

Start tasting your present moment by focusing on the blessings you have now.

Here are a few ways to enjoy your present;

  • See deeply in the eyes of your parents and recall the sweetest memories of childhood
  • Call your uncles, aunties, and old friends, which are often ignored in routine life
  • Revisit your personal development plans and
  • Make a stronger connection with the Lord, to whom finally we need to return back even corona don’t outbreak.

Take these steps and be the change agent to get rid of Corona Anxiety Disorder for yourself and the people around you.

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