Google’s Project Oxygen- What We Can Learn? 

Miftah Ismail, Pakistan’s Finance Minister, had proposed around 47 Billion Dollars in the budget this year. 

While Google yearly revenue last year was around 250 Billion Dollars.

This means a single company is spending 05 times more than a country. 

Let’s chunk this figure down.  

Google has around 135,000 employees. If you just divide this 250 B dollar with 135,000 employees. You will see that a single Google employee is contributing more to the economy than an SME in Pakistan. 

01 Google Employee = 01 Pakistani SME 

Amazing, isn’t it? 

But if you pay attention to the potential a human has been blessed with, you will be amazed more than these figures. 

And helping humans step into their real potential is the area where the leadership of these technical tycoons has made a difference. 

In 2008, Google has initiated “Project Oxygen”, an internal research that was focused on exploring the top behavioral skills that help humans perform better.  

The project concluded with the following skills and Google has inculcated them in its Leadership Development Program. 

Here are those Behavioral Skills. 

  1. Be a good coach 
  2. Empower the team and avoid micromanaging 
  3. Engage personal well-being 
  4. Be productive and results-oriented 
  5. Be a good communicator and listener 
  6. Help employees with career development 
  7. Have a clear vision and strategy for the team 
  8. Have key technical skills  

Notice the Technical Giant is placing Technical Competence last and Behavioral Competence first. 

We, the Educators and Leaders in the Pakistani Industry, have to sit together and seriously pay attention that how we are inculcating these behavioral skills in our education system and Professional Development Programs. 

Our curriculum, instead of focusing just on memory, needs to be upgraded with the frameworks that soft skills right from the Adolescent.  

And our corporate sector needs to revisit its Performance Review Systems, inculcating the KPI’s relevant to these Behavioral Patterns.

Let’s help our generation tap into their real potential. 

About Muddassir Ahmed

Muddassir Ahmed is a corporate trainer and Behavioral Intelligence Coach, having more than 15 years of experience in corporate consultancy, trained many organizations including Honda And Toyota.

He is Industrial Engineer from NED, did PGC in Educational Leadership from the University Of Massachusetts-USA, certified and licensed in different behavioral technologies including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He serves as a board member in various foundations and was invited to Turkey And Spain as a Key-Note Speaker.

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