Have you ever experienced your child refusing to eat food?

Or Your student struggling to manage his focus?

Or your employee fraught to perform better?

We can see what human are doing by their action but we can’t see the underlying reasons.

What is going inside the head and hearts, means their cognition and emotions.

Human behaviours are a combination of action, cognition and emotion.

Actions, what you do physically.

Cognition, what you do mentally.

Emotion, what you do emotionally.

All three factors go hand in hand.

Its a debate, among the three, who is the cause and who is the effect.

Sometimes, emotions drive the motion and in some cases, motion drives the emotion.

A thought (perception) of an old friend came in your mind, and you feel sad (emotion) in your heart, and you started watching your favorite program to divert the thought and release the negative emotion.

In our NLP program, the physical state of trainees are being altered and they are being asked about their feeling, in order to get them familiar that how motions (physiology) can drive the emotions.

Here  is the interesting point.

We can see the actions, but how we can see the effect of cognition and emotion.

Thanks to the bio sensor devices that help us to do so.

Infact these devices has allowed us to observe precisely, instead of just interpret behaviors leaving behind many myths behind behaviours

As we have entered into a digital edge where machines are helping us to simplify the complex problems, biosensors are filling the space to measure the underlying reasons of behavior change.

It simply means, with the help of bisensors, we are able to measure what is going inside our head, heart, skin, eyes and other parts of body.

EEG , EMG , fMRI,  GSR/EDA are the name of some complex sensors which are simplifying the behavioral analysis in the digital edge.

Let’s discuss the role of EEG brain sensors in your learning behaviour.

Your learning behaviour is being operated primarily on two algorithms. Attention and Relaxation.

The more you are attentive and relaxed, the more your learning will be.

Whether you are a teacher striving your student to get them learn easily,  or parent doing homeschooling, or employer want to boost the productivity of your employee, two things that you need to really care about are; the relaxation and managing the attention of your subjects.

All the innovations and productivity in this world are the outcomes of attention and relaxation that’s why the NLP, mindfulness and other practices are getting in the academic and corporate houses rapidly.

EEG sensors measure the pulses generated in your mind when you are relaxed and focused, and offer different ways to improve them using software and mobile application.

EEG headset allow you to measure electrical activity generated by the neurons inside the brain from the scalp surface using electrodes (sensors) and amplifier systems.

The data collected by these sensors are further used to improve your brain activity through different software, mobile applications and video games.

These EEG sensors have been used in trainings to improve the attention and relaxation behaviour of the trainess.

Let’s discuss one of the application of EEG in gaming which we called Neuro Gaming. It allows you to control the characters of gaming not through the joystick or buttons, but through your mental powers.

It operates on attention and relaxation algorithms, it means the more you are focused and relaxed, the more levels of games you could conquer.

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming; we have learnt that unconcious mind doesnot differentiate between real and fake, it just respond. And it learn by repetation.

That’s why every action that you repeat becomes your behaviour even while you are gaming.  If you repeat being relaxed and focused while you face the challenges, it becomes your behaviour pattern. Read this to know more.

EEG sensors are getting popular in Finland education system, one of the fastest transforming education system in the world, as they are using these sensors to improve the motivation, engagement, meaure the optimal cognitive load of the students, and further metrics associated with education and learning.

So next time, when you see your student struggling, and your employee getting stressed, do remember that there are underlying reason in the cognition and emotion, and these bio-sensors, NLP and Neuro-Sciences are here to answer the solution.