You are sitting in the balcony of your house; seeing a car coming on your gate where your guard is standing. The guard signaled the gate keeper that a new car is arrived. Suddenly, you received a call from your close friend screaming with excitement;

” I have reached your gate, open the door”.

Listening this voice gets you excited, and you asked your gate keeper to open the door immediately and escort your friend in the drawing room respectfully.

Keep this story in your mind because it will help you understand 03 parts of your brain that get activated behind every learning. The better you know about them; the better your learning will be.

Well, learning is a biological phenomenon of the neurons that fire together and wired together to make the connections with each other. We have more then 100 billion of neurons and each neuron has the tendency to connect with 10 of thousands of other neurons.

Imagine the number of connection they made with each other. It simply means that learning cannot be happened until the neurons get activated and make the connections with each other.

Now we need to understand three parts of our brain that plays a vital role in our learning. Let’s have a brief introduction of them;

First, The Hippocampus

Part of your brain that receives all the information from the 05 senses. Learning happens when Hippocampus get activated.

Second, The Dopamine

Neurotransmitter – a chemical used by brain to convey the message to other organs of the body. The release of Dopamine activates the hippocampus, and process the new incoming sensory information from the short-term memory to the long term memory.

Third, The Amygdala

It is also a part of our limbic system – set of structure in brain that deals with emotion and memory. When a person emotionally aroused during learning; amygdala signals to the hippocampus to pay attention and remember the subject matter.

Let’s put all these 03 components together.

Neuro-science revealed that our ability to remember and recall information is directly linked to the activity of the hippocampus while we are learning.

FMRI scanning shows that hippocampus lightens up when we are learning, and this activation fuel up our focus on learning activity enabling us to retrieve the information in future when we need it.

Now the question is , how the hippocampus get activated?

Answer is, the release of dopamine activates the hippocampus. Dopamine has its roots in motivation and reward.

The third part we need to understand about is Amygdala, which is just below the hippocampus. It is attached with the hippocampus and is also a part of our limbic system.

When a person is emotionally aroused in any learning activity, the amygdala signal the hippocampus that whatever information is coming to you is worth paying attention.

Let’s put the story together;

Now reconnect the story we read in the start; “car” is the new information, “dopamine” is the guard, “hippocampus” is the gate keeper and “you” are the amygdala.

Learning happens in our brain whenever a new information (car) comes to our brain, and the dopamine (guard) released the information to the Hippocampus (gate keeper) that something new came to the door, meanwhile amygdala (you) command the hippocampus that the new information is respectful, escort it into the long term memory (the drawing room).

This is how learning happens in our brain.

Thanks to Allah, that He has given access to Humans of 21st century to observe the functions of brain. Neuro-Scientists are continuously researching how the brain is making connections,  and NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is providing us the opportunity to apply them to improve our learning behaviour and productivity.

Whether we are parent, teacher, employee or employer; it is our responsibility to know how to make the learning process that releases more dopamine and trigger amygdala to activate hippocampus more efficiently.

The more you learn, the more you earn; and this earning could be in terms of respect, finances, improving relations and productivity.

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